Community Interaction


As both the oil sands industry and communities grow, the lines between development and community intersect. Landowners have questions about the impact of operations and industry on human and animal health, and industry has a desire and responsibility to respond to these concerns.

The Aboriginal population is young, growing and often located close to oil sands development projects in remote regions of the province.


Community Relationships



Industry works closely with the people whose land is affected by oil sands development. Developers hold open houses, gather feedback, and consider community input carefully before making project decisions. Operators give back to the communities in which they work by providing support to many local charitable and community-based organizations.

Industry understands the value of ensuring Aboriginal communities are consulted at the earliest stages of project development to identify concerns and mitigate potential impacts in a proactive manner.

Community & Stakeholder Consultation

Guiding Principles for
Oil Sands Development: People

  • We will provide a safe environment for our employees, contractors, and the communities where we operate.

  • We will provide employment and business opportunities for regional communities, including
    Aboriginal peoples.

  • We will respectfully engage directly affected stakeholders through all stages of our operations.

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